Handcrafted Custom Birth Stool

This stool is a true “Labor Of Love.”  It was totally handmade by my father and daughter, both champion woodworkers from a design that I created with the help of a successful local midwife.  It is made from lightweight poplar wood so it is easy to carry.  The stool is 14″ high with the top and base each made entirely of one piece so there is no worry of splitting or cracking.  The stool has been designed with a wider seat so that a laboring woman can more comfortably sit on it without fear of toppling over.  We have added extra base support and reenforcement so the stool is very stable.  The entire stool is covered in a protective and sanitary coating; which makes for easy cleaning  – simply wipe with a bleach and water solution and it dries quickly.

 Each of these stools is unique and the highlight is the henna-like design etched into the wood on the top of the stool – a work of art that functions as a comfortable place to help bring your baby into your arms!

 Available for $379 shipped via FedEx within the USA.

 email:  thedeltadoula@changingbirth.com

Buyer assumes all responsibility with use of birth stool.  Seller accepts no liability.

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