Client Comments

“I am so very glad I found you.  You are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and unarguably the best care provider I have ever seen.”  S.B.

“Before the big event, she was always willing to answer our questions and help in any way possible.  Her experience as a mother and educated doula helped me remain calm during the entire labor progression.  She comforted my wife, kept her focused and helped her to manage her pain through guided relaxation and other techniques.  Throughout, MaryBeth made me feel like an essential part of the birthing process.  She helped me to realize my role in the birth of our first child.  I was able to comfort my wife without being frightful or worried that I was doing the wrong thing for her.  My confidence in MaryBeth’s abilities also allowed me to leave my wife’s side and assist in the delivery of our son.”  F.K.

“My doula was never more than a phone call away.  I could count on her no matter the need.  She took time to understand my personal needs.  It wouldn’t have been the same without her.”  N.B.

“Having a woman’s support during labor was invaluable. I will most certainly look toward utilizing her services in the future.  I strongly recommend MaryBeth as a doula.” E.P.

“I would absolutely hire MaryBeth again.  Whenever we had a question, she found out the answer.  She had unbiased answers for the many questions we had.  I felt as though all my decisions were supported by her.”  H.F.

“During labor, MaryBeth was so helpful and encouraging.  She made sure I was comfortable, encouraged me through contractions, gave me guidance when I needed it and allowed my husband a break.  MaryBeth advocated for me with the nurses when I needed something.  After delivery, MaryBeth took some wonderful pictures of our first moments with our son and helped me nurse him for the first time. After I got home, MaryBeth called to check on me a few times and she wrote a wonderful and touching account of our son’s birth.” H.D.

“I just think it helps me labor better when I know that I have a “safety net” and an advocate with me every step of the way.  I feel like I can let go of trying to manage the situation because she can take care of that and I can just go “into myself” and experience the birthing process!”  T.T.

“MaryBeth was our doula for the birth of our first child and she helped us remarkably before and during the process.  She’s non-judgemental, open to her clients needs and extremely thoughtful.  She receives my highest recommendation.  Not only did she help my wife tremendously before and during the birth, but she was fantastic in working with the hospital staff to meet our needs.”  M.W.


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